stinabloom – now in English

As you might notice I’ve made some changes here at stinabloom. First of all, I am writing in English here and in some of the pages you find at the top under the header. Well, that’s about it… I have no idea how long I will keep writing in English because I don’t plan (not my cup of tea).

Anyhow. I was in Malmö today and had my eyes inspected. Gold star to me! I see much better than they expected, but it might become better still. I’m thrilled and happy and everything there’s to it.

I also made some stops while in the ”big” city: Wolford, Nesta and Weekday. Two of these visits were disappointments. The foam in my cappuccino at Nesta was practically non-existant and the pants at Weekday were too small. If it hadn’t been for the, sort of, useless changing rooms (see picture below) I wouldn’t have blamed the store for its sizes. Wolford, though, is never a disappointment. Expensive yes, but fabulous yes indeed!

Please enjoy some of my Canon Ixus pics. 😉

View from inside the changing room. Wait a minute! That gap is huge!


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