I missed both 22 and 3D

I missed day 22 by 15 minutes. Well, whatever, for me it’s still Friday.

Today I left work at lunch-time to head over to Lund’s Archive to snap some shots of as many inventories of dead people’s estates as possible. I’ve got a big list of people who died in the 1700s, 1800s and even 1900s, and the archivist gasped and figured his afternoon was done. During two hours I found two individuals, and then they were closing up and I had to leave.

So when I got back home I had the brilliant idea of going to see Avatar, the 3D movie everybody talks about. Was really excited. Last time I saw 3D was at the Universal Studios in 1999 when we saw Terminator 2 3D, which was, as they say over there, awesome. And then I am informed by the nice lady in the popcorn stand that the movie IS NOT IN 3D! Apparently the movie comes in 3D only in three cities in Sweden, this petty little backwards country! I was incredibly disappointed and angry. We went to see the movie because we wanted to see a 3D movie. End of story. Well, luckily it was a pretty good movie, but a 2D movie still.

My plan was to post a funny pic of me in funny-looking 3D glasses, so this is what you get instead.


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